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our creative process

1. Scope

Let's first figure out what you are looking to create. We’re guessing it’s something animated. But do you fully know what you’re looking for, or did you simply stumble upon our website and just know that you want us to create something for you? :)

We’re pretty good at this animation stuff, but also at understanding how we can help propel your brand to new heights. We're kinda like rocket scientists actually, insanely good at probing and diving deep into the issues and opportunities humans, artists, and companies face. Ok, maybe not “rocket scientists”, but scientists of imagination, for sure. We focus on the stuff that matters, and do all the little (and big) things that are needed to make the content matter!

Now we can get to the fun stuff…

Do you already have a story idea? Sorta/kinda? Need characters designed? We can help with that too. Or do you just want some cool animated stuff? We got you covered.

We got our process down to a science, so come join us in the Lab while we create the building blocks for your animated world!

2. Treatment

Once we sit down with you and get a better understanding of what you’re looking for, we’ll head to the lab and craft something special, taking into account everything you told us and showed us.  Then we will present you with a “Treatment”, our very own interpretation of the creative vision you imagined.

3. character design

This is where it starts to get really fun.

4. Script

Once you approve the treatment, this is where we really earn our keep. We dive deep into the story, creating a fully fleshed out script that could be TV or Film ready.


This part is just flat out cool. We map out all of the actual comic pages with rough story board panels first, and then we begin (digital) inking. Lastly comes the colors and the lettering, and voila: Your finished comic awaits!

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For inquires on acquiring the rights to TV, Film, or Video Game for our various IPs,

Excited by what you see?
let's create together!

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Excited by what you see?
let's create together!

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For Inquires On Acquiring The Rights To TV, Film, Or Video Game For Our Various IPs,
Please Contact: Create@Heroprojects.Io